greenicon Centennial Park 

Sports Complex  (Upper – 5400 Heritage Way)
4 fields
Field lights
Playground equipment
Concession stand

Rules & Guidelines

-No Fires, Charcoal BBQ’S, or open flame of any sort.  Store bought propane bbq’s are okay

– Camping on the right side of the yellow line only

-No alcohol

-No animals

-No parking in area(s) that have no parking signs.  Violators will be towed at the owners expense.

-Carson City Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen property

–Please leave your camp site cleaner than the way you found it.  Thank You

There are Rattle Snakes in the Carson City area(s)  be aware of your surroundings.

Field # 4 if parking behind it be warned with Homeruns during the contest your vehicle may be hit by HR Ball – 1st field to the right as you walk in to the main complex gate entry

 Team Matrix:

(You must bring legal teams for the division you entered)
So here is formula for teams to go by to make sure you are legal for this event

AAA Teams Max of 3 Major players

AA teams Max of either 4 AAA players or 2 AAA players and 1 major player, or 2 major players if no AAA players

All World will use current and previous year All World and USSSA rosters for player matrix.

Tournament Rules & Guidelines

All Teams must pay any balance owed along with signed on-line roster/waiver

At least 45 minutes before first scheduled game on Saturday

No outside food & Bev allowed inside park complex

No loud or vulgar music allowed / No sunflower seeds

Balls: We supply all balls –teams must help shag

Game Times: 110 minute – Championship game is 120 minutes

Home team and umpire are responsible for keeping score

8) Pitching Rules: Innings per Tournament:

9U/10U 3 6 7
11U 6 7 Column B – max innings in one day !!!!
12U 6 7 Column C – max innings in any two days
13U-14U 7 8 Innings are counted by the number of outs:

Bat Rules:

9U – 13U:
adhere to 1.15 BPF ratio for all 8u thru 13u divisions. Bat must have 1.15 BPF stamped on it. NO BESR bats at all

Must use either -3 bat that is BBCOR high school regulations or -5 bat w/ 1.15 stamp on it (thumb print) or wood bat

15U – 18U
Must use -3 bat w/ BBCOR certification high school approved.

Poor Sportsmanship will not be allowed!
NO F Bombs
NO Throwing the Bat
NO Taunting
NO Boom Boxes, loud or vulgar music inside the parks
All game times, are approximate start times – be prepared to start 15 minutes early!

If disputes or problems arise, only managers can talk to umpires or director. If manager is unsure on a ruling from umpire find the on –site TD immediately~! don’t wait until the game ends

Parks Rules & Info

Park Entry Fee: $10 park entry for Adults $5 for Managers and Coaches in uniform $5 for players and kids. ( If the kids can’t walk yet they are Free)

Fee is good for entire weekend not daily

No dogs / No scooters /No Bikes / No skateboards / No alcohol or out side food and bev

No glass containers/ No sunflower seeds / No boom boxes or amplified sound

Entry/Pull-Out Fees
• No teams are guaranteed a spot into this year’s Las Vegas Worlds until we receive $200 Non Refundable deposit or full entry fee. We do sell out! 1st to pay = 1st to play!

  • $200 is a Non Refundable amount for us to guarantee a spot for your team, balance owed for entry fee can be paid on-line before November 6th, by check by November 1st, or cash at the fields • If you pullout after we start working brackets or after we are sold out – You will not receive any refund amount,and if you only paid a deposit you will still owe the remaining balance. If you pay and pull out earlier then November 1st you can receive 75% refund. All World Sports reserves the right to modify game times, tournament location and or structure due to field conditions, time constraints, safety issues, park rental issues, team count or inclement weather

Rain-Out Policy – Once a game starts it is considered to be a game played
0 games played 75% refund
1 Game Played 50% refund
2 Games Played 25% refund
3 Games Played 0% Refund

  • Tournament Director reserves the right to modify game times, playing location or tourney structure due to: field conditions, time constraints, safety issues, team count or inclement weather

Upon entering this tournament team manager agrees to all rules and guidelines and agrees to make sure to forward rules and guidelines to all teammates.[